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Why use Volyse services?

Traveling is for business, leisure, family reunion and more than anything, for happy moments. Who wants to think of negative things while planning amazing experiences? We get it. But really, who plans or expects to be sick when traveling? Unfortunately, the statistics are real. Up to 70% of travelers get sick when traveling and only 10% prepare appropriately before a travel journey. Thankfully, this risk can be reduced when your health prep is done prior to departure. 

We can understand that your time is valuable and it can be difficult to find reliable information with the massive amount of data that’s available on the Internet. Hence why we created Volyse, a travel health clinic on your phone.  

We are a team of rigorous healthcare providers who embrace innovation and change, and wanted to facilitate the process and enhance access to travel health. 

We make sure all travelers receive high quality level of care with noticeable expertise. We guarantee access, simplicity and effectiveness.

Because we love traveling as much as you do <3.

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From anywhere, anytime. All you need is your phone.


Your Health Information

We gather your health information in order to provide you with the best personalized advice and recommendations. 



We value privacy and we guarantee that your data will remain strictly confidential. PHI - Patient health information is only accessible by our healthcare providers. 


Vaccines & Medication

We do it all. Your prescriptions will be sent to our partners and you will receive the medication delivered to your home. We also guide you to the closest vaccination spot. 


Communicate with us

We're a screen away. You can text or schedule a Video-Call meeting with your travel health companion. 

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Volyse Checklist

We provide you with a list of suggested medication to add to your traveling health-kit.

p.s. you can share this list with your friends ;) 




Personalized and general advice are available through the APP and accessible all of the time during your trip!




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