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"Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results.''

- Robin S. Sharma


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Travel health is a specialty and often requires in depth analysis and research in order to make sure that all health aspects have been assessed prior to departure. It also requires special training, understanding aspects of international healthcare, risk assessment, world news updates, epidemiology, vaccination updates and availabilities, etc. Most general healthcare providers do not have access to detailed travel health information, or do not feel comfortable providing reliable travel health information (on a medico-legal basis). The world is quite a large place; diseases, regulations, risks, cultures, and healthcare vary from a country to another, and even from between provinces/states. 


We value time and money, hence why we simplified the process for travelers. All they have to do is input their health and trip information through their phone, and we take care of the rest. No waiting; their comfort, your benefit. We used and leveraged technology to ease access to healthcare, reduce risk of illness and increase awareness of travel health: a virtual travel health clinic. We believe in a win-win business relationship. We work with you to improve your ROI - return on investment, loss-ratio and more. 


Whether you are an agent, a specialist in business travel or an insurer, “health prep” should be the cornerstone of any planning. You can't fly, work, or live beautiful experiences without being healthy. Prevention is key for traveling. 


Our platform was build with the B2B2C businesses in mind in order to:

  • Innovate

  • Enhance travelers' experience

  • Offer more

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Assess and reduce travelers' risk of illness

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Why Volyse?



Reduce cost associated with reactive measures and save vacation/business trip days


Assess pre-existing health problems prior to departure and prevent


We value privacy and confidentiality.Our technology has been built using "privacy by design". We are PIPEDA & HIPAA compliant.



Expertise is the source of our services. We guarantee an outstanding level of travel specialized healthcare.


Well equipped and informed traveler prior to departure and reduce their stress


The APP provides personalized and general travel advice available for travelers.
We assess each case and provide personalized recommendations to minimize these risks and ease the process to action.


Prevention is an investment!

Don't take our word for it; 
Here is the data.


Our platform is complete
and ready to go!




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— Bill Clinton

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